There’s Always Something Fun to Do in Millburn Short Hills, NJ

unWined, Millburn Short Hills, NJ

unWined, Millburn Short Hills, NJ

Millburn Short Hills, NJ always has something interesting to do, and it’s a great place to live! On Friday, 8/2, the proprietors of UnWined Boutique, Jose and Toni Sotelo, will be hosting a wine-tasting contest! The contest will take place from 6-8 pm.

Visitors can just stop in and take the challenge in which they will taste 3 different red wines and try to guess the varietals. Those who correctly name 3 grapes will get a prize!

UnWined is a small wine store that hand-picks every wine they carry. Wine tastings are held every Friday evening and often wine importers and distributors are there to discuss the wines.

Located at 345 Millburn Avenue, UnWined delivers to downtown restaurants, making BYOB even easier!

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