Spring Lawn Care Tips

seeding a lawn

Everyone wants a great looking yard all year long! Follow these Spring lawn care tips from HGTV.com and you are sure to get just that!

  1. Dethatch with a Rake-Clean away dead grass to discourage pests and disease.  A thin layer of thatch is ok, but anything more than 1/2 inch will smother your lawn.
  2. Test the Ph Level of Your Soil-The ideal balance level is between 5 and 7 depending on the grass type.
  3. Aerate Your Lawn-Aerating your lawn loosens the soil allowing roots to grow and water and nutrients to be better absorbed.
  4. Weed and Feed-Late Spring is the best time to weed and feed, but don’t treat your entire lawn if you don’t need to.  Too many chemicals can stress the plant’s roots.
  5. Deal with Bare Spots-To get rid of bare spots, flush the area with water, rake out dead grass, level the area with sand or soil, and then reseed.
  6. Seed the Lawn-Early Spring is a good time for seeding.
  7. Know Your Varieties-Knowing what type of sunlight you get, how committed you are to taking care of your lawn, and the types of temperatures you have in your area all contribute to the knowing the best seed type for you.
  8. Water it Well-All grass needs water.  A sprinkler on a timer does the trick!
  9. Maintain Your Mower-Fresh gas, fresh spark plugs and sharp blades are a must for your mower.
  10. Avoid Short Cuts-Cutting your grass too short is not good for it.  HGTV says a good rule of thumb is not to cut more than the top third of the blade off the grass.
  11. Mow in Varied Directions-”By mowing in varied directions you ensure a more uniform cut, an upright growth pattern and reduce soil compaction.”
  12. Leave the Clippings-If you follow the rule of only cutting 1/3′s worth of the blade, then leaving the clippings is a great natural mulch for your yard.

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