Now Is a Great Time to Sell!

The real estate market is jumping right now! There are more homes being sold now than we’ve seen in a long time! Considering inventory levels are at an all time low, it’s obvious how hot the market really is!


Inventory Is Low!

We are seeing many buyers eager to find a home, but there is not a lot out there for them to see!

Bidding Wars are Back!

With so few homes for buyers to choose from, the homes that are priced right and are in good condition are the first ones to go! We are once again seeing multiple offers and bidding wars resulting in sellers having the upper hand!

Inventory Is Greatly Reduced vs. Last Year

Many towns in our area have dramatically fewer homes available for sale than they did this time a year ago. On the contrary, the number of homes being sold is drastically higher than this time last year!

All this is good news for sellers! If you were undecided as to whether now is the right time for you to sell, now is a GREAT time to sell! For even more information on this topic, visit my video blog spot. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to my by email at, or by phone at 973-214-0691.