New Animals Have Arrived at Turtle Back Zoo

turtle back zoo2

New animals have arrived at Turtle Back Zoo! County officials have announced that two new “natural habitat-themed” animal exhibits will be opening at the zoo. The first will feature Andean Condors. The second will feature Giant Anteaters as well as a Maned Wolf. “Acting Zoo Director Michael Kerr noted that the Andean Condor, Giant Anteater and Maned Wolf are all part of a species survival program promoted by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.”

The Andean Condors exhibit will be located across the path from the Savanna Café. Andean Condors are a ” species of vultures and are the largest flying birds in the Western Hemisphere. They are found on the western coast of South America”. The female condor will be coming from the Taronga Zoo in Australia.

The Giant Anteater is a male and will be coming from the Patawatomi Zoo in Indiana. The Maned Wolf is a female and will be coming from the Denver Zoo in Colorado. Anteaters can grow to be as large as seven feet long and 90 lbs. They are native to South and Central America. Maned wolves can be as large as 50 lbs. and 35 inches tall.

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