Millburn High School Class of 2017 Once Again Proves Millburn’s Pedigree


Millburn High School delivered an extremely impressive class of graduates in 2017. As this year’s graduates prepare to head off to college, we analyzed the trends in their college acceptances and choices. This year, as in past years, students excelled academically and their community is no doubt extremely proud of their performance and looks forward to their future accomplishments.

Millburn High School students are well represented across a wide range of higher education choices. From the Ivy Leagues, top Liberal Arts schools, international schools, the leading public schools, the nation’s best party schools, and everything in-between, Millburn High School sends students off to schools that nurture all kinds of interests and academic levels.

Let’s take a look at the numbers. The Ivy League schools are fortunate to be receiving 14 of Millburn’s best and brightest. That makes up about 4% of Millburn’s graduates. This fall, 57 of 356 students in the class of 2017 are off to one of U.S. News & World Report’s Top 25 universities. Furthermore, 124 students will be attending the Nation’s top 50 schools. Those statistics show that about 16% of Millburn High School students are going to top 25 schools and about 35% of the students will attend top 50 schools across the country. Millburn graduate Arik Wolk, who will be one of 12 students attending Washington University in St. Louis next year, explained why he believes so many Millburn Students are well positioned to attend some of the nation’s best colleges. He said,“Between the supportive student community, the teachers who are always willing to help, and the academic preparation the school provides, Millburn High School provided me and my peers with the opportunity to attend some of the nation’s top colleges!”

Some students are more interested in the intimate Liberal Arts setting as opposed to the bigger, national universities. In fact, 29 students have decided to pursue a Liberal Arts education and will be attending one of the nation’s top 50 Liberal Arts Schools as opposed to the top National Universities. Those 29 students make up about 8% of Millburn’s graduating class. In fact, Ethan Denenberg, who will be attending Colgate University in the fall, explained his reason for choosing to take up a Liberal Arts education. He noted, “In college I really want to be able to connect with my professors on a personal level. At large state schools, students tend to get lost in the shuffle and end up taking many large lecture classes. On the other hand, Colgate has a small average class size and students interact with their professors inside and outside of the classroom. Coming from Millburn where I had so many great relationships with my teachers, it was important for me to continue building these bonds in college.”

It’s also true that some students want to explore something new and have a completely new experience with their college careers. Some of Millburn’s most adventurous students will be attending schools outside the country; studying at schools like The University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of Surrey. Cameron Varnish, who will be attending the University of Surrey in England next year, explained how Millburn High School helped him feel prepared to study anywhere in the world. Varnish told The Shannon Aronson Team, “Millburn High School is a school that helped me to develop academic independence. Because of this, I was open to just about any university — near or far from home. I felt I was well-prepared and ready. Therefore, when my Mom suggested I go to England to continue my education, as well as having the opportunity to play rugby for a team in England, I knew I would be able to handle it. I believe MHS prepared me well and helped me to find what works best for me in terms of studying, reviewing, and test-taking skills, and I’m excited to put them to use in a new environment.”

Additionally, some students prefer the bigger “rah rah” school kind of atmosphere that one can only get at a big public school. About 18% of Millburn students are going off to the Nation’s top 25 Public Universitiesas ranked by U.S. News & World Report. Contrary to popular opinion, even in a school like Millburn, it is not all work and no play. Next month 12 Millburn High School students will be attending the Top 5 Party Schools in the country as ranked by the Princeton Review.

Rutgers University-New Brunswick will be Millburn’s most represented college with a total of 18 Millburn students attending. One of those 18 Millburn students attending Rutgers next fall is Emily Blumstein. When Emily was asked about how she felt that so many other students were attending Rutgers next fall she said, “Although Rutgers is huge, it is nice to know that I will see some friendly faces around campus! Our interests are so diverse, so I’m sure MHS will be well represented in all departments and fields.” Moreover, some other popular destinations include New York University, Tulane University, and Washington University in St. Louis.

The Shannon Aronson Team hosted an extremely popular Facebook LIVE event featuring 5 recent Millburn graduates. Although school ranking and test scores are readily available on the internet, these students gave viewers an insider’s look at life inside the Millburn school system. This information isn’t available anywhere else.  For more information on this please watch “Growing UP Millburn: An Insider’s Perspective from Millburn High School Graduates” Facebook LIVE Event, on our business page, The Shannon Aronson Team Keller Williams Realty, and also available on YouTube.

To The Shannon Aronson Team, these numbers show that the Millburn School System doesn’t just cater to the needs of one specific type student, but to the needs of all. This proves yet again, why the Millburn School System is so highly regarded by all. Congratulations to the Class of 2017 for all of your impressive accomplishments.