Make a Small Room Appear Bigger

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If you are trying to make a small room look bigger, be sure to avoid these common mistakes. According to an article on, the following changes people make to their small rooms, in an effort to make them appear bigger, actually do the opposite! For the full article, visit the website.

1. Ceiling Lights
Overhead lighting illuminates the room and, therefore, emphasizes its size. When working with a small room, placing lights in various areas will draw the eye to different spots, hence making the room not appear as small. Both table and floor lamps work well.

2. Painting Every Room a Wildly Different Color
If you have a larger home, each room can be its own color; However, in a smaller home, making rooms different colors is not a good idea. In a smaller space, its a great idea to stick with one color palette and use a few different colors within that palette.

3. Sliding-Glass Shower Doors
Using glass doors as your tub enclosure is essentially like putting up a permanent wall. By dividing the space in your bathroom, it is actually making it appear smaller. HouseLogic suggests adding a glass panel that goes one-third to halfway across the tub to give the room a more open feel.

4. Filled-Up Rooms
Keeping your room clutter-free will make it appear larger. If you think of the size of your room in terms of cubic feet vs. square feet, you will start to see that the more bulk you put in your room (ie: large sofas, knick-knacks, etc), the smaller it will appear.

5. The Stark, Dark Kitchen Look
Having dark colored cabinets in your kitchen can make it look smaller. On the contrary, lighter cabinets reflect light, and make the room look bigger. If you really love the dark cabinets, make sure all the walls in your kitchen are white. If you don’t have much wall space in your kitchen, and your kitchen is mostly made up of cabinets, go for the lighter color if you want your room to look bigger.

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