Is Now the Time to be Selling Your Home?

Is now the time to be selling your home? I am often asked if people are doing themselves a disservice by listing their home before or during the holidays. There are some great reasons for listing your home in the “slower” months (i.e. November and December). First of all, the buyers who are shopping around this time of year are serious buyers and the window shoppers usually stay home this time of year. There is also a lot less inventory this time of year so you have less competition for those serious buyers that are out there. With this time of year also prime for job relocation, those buyers are serious and motivated and are willing to pay top dollar for a great home. Homes typically look their best during the holidays due to the decorations and homes being in order to host family. With your home looking its best, it can be a great time to show your home. Finally, if you’re selling your home now, you are positioning yourself to be a buyer in the spring and allowing yourself a head start when there are more buyers and more homes on the market.

Is Selling Your Home Something You Are Considering?

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