Ice Cream Trucks are Headed to Millburn, NJ

ice cream truckThis summer, residents of Millburn, NJ can look forward to cooling off with visits from ice cream trucks! Recently the Millburn, NJ Township Committee passed an ordinance allowing ice cream trucks to do business within the township!

In August, 2013, Peyton Conn, an 8-year-old resident of Millburn, NJ, petitioned the Township Committee to allow ice cream trucks in the town. She cited building a strong community and a sense of neighborhood as her number one reason why ice cream trucks would be a fabulous addition to the streets of Millburn, NJ.

A few restrictions will be issued as to where the ice cream trucks can operate, among them being trucks will not be allowed where concession stands are being run by the township, and there will be restrictions on the hours they can operate as well as the roads and locations where they can operate.

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