How Did Millburn, NJ Get Its Name? Find Out Below!

Millburn Township, NJ

Millburn Township, NJ

I found the article below to be very interesting. It was written by JONATHAN SYM. I hope you find it interesting to learn about how Millburn, NJ first got its name.

Ever wonder how our township got its name?

Millburn owes its name to Samuel Campbell, a Scottish immigrant who built a paper mill on what is now Brookside Dr. In Scottish terms, “burn” means stream and he called his factory the “mill on the burn”, which the township adopted in 1857.

The Paper Mill Playhouse is located where Campbell built his original Thistle Paper Mill in 1795.

Short Hills began as a planned community when Stewart Hartshorn initially purchased 13 acres of land in the township. The Lenape natives described the area as having “short hills”. At one point, a local resident suggested naming the hamlet “Hartshornville” after its founder but Hartshorn decided against it and was content with Short Hills sharing his initials.

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