Home Fit Scorecard by Shannon





The Home Fit Scorecard by Shannon Aronson is the perfect tool to help you determine how well your current home suits your needs, and also to discover how your needs and wants both align and differ from those of your significant other.

Whether or not you are in the “right” home for you is not a simple yes or no answer.  There are many factors that need to be considered, and Shannon has broken them down for us in her Homefit Scorecard.

Does your home provide you with a sense of calm and contentment?  Does the flow work for you when you’re entertaining?  Do the aesthetics of your house please you?  How does your immediate community fit your needs?

When you click the link and take the quiz, you will find out in a couple of minutes how your desired goals for various aspects of your home match up to the reality of the situation you are currently in.  We, as Shannon’s team, took the test and were all surprised by our results, which covered every range of the spectrum of scores!

Click here to take the test yourself…

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