Growing up: Millburn NJ Insider’s Perspective from Millburn NJ High School Graduates

Last week Shannon sat down with several recent Millburn NJ HS graduates to get an insider’s look as to what it’s like to grow up in Millburn NJ. To see the interview in it’s entirety, click here. As a realtor in this town, I can tell you many of my clients move here because of the school system. The internet can show you rankings and test scores, but they cannot tell you what it’s like to grow up in one of the best school systems in the country.

The recent grads shared with us some of the many activities that were offered to them through the Millburn Township NJ school system. Those activities included several sports teams, theater groups, music clubs, clubs that allowed the students to learn and exercise leadership skills, and clubs that allowed them to raise money for non-profit organizations. Many of the students have been involved with volunteer groups. They mentioned that the Millburn NJ community encourages an atmosphere of giving back. One student shared that growing up in Millburn NJ, you feel some responsibility to help. They shared how there are many outlets that provide opportunities to volunteer. Many of those opportunities come through the Millburn NJ high school as well. It was shared that each club has a different focus on what charity they benefit.

Many of the students interviewed moved to the Millburn NJ area when they were very young. Shannon revisited the elementary school years with the graduates. Shannon asked them to describe what it was like attending Millburn Township schools in their younger years. Words the students used to describe those early years of learning included fun, welcoming, friendly, exciting, balance and instilling a love of learning. The students looked back on who their favorite elementary school teachers were.

Next the students shared some insight into what their middle school years were like. The students talked about the opportunity to meet new people in the middle school as the elementary schools merge together. Some students shared that the sense of responsibility instilled in them during their elementary school years helped with their transition into middle school. Shannon shared that there are 5 elementary schools in the Millburn Short Hills area. Those five elementary schools merge into one middle school. One student shared that Millburn Township schools is planning to open a 5th Grade building which he felt would ease that transition to middle school even more so. One student shared how she liked the concept of academic teams in the middle school. She felt that also helped the transition by allowing students to get comfortable with a larger pool of students within a smaller team framework. The group discussed the peer leader program offered at the middle school. To become a peer leader you are required to write an essay and complete an interview. Types of peer leader opportunities include tutoring other students and volunteering. Some other middle school clubs the students enjoyed were theater and community rec sports.

Next, the conversation moved to the students’ high school experience. The students were asked how they felt about their transition from middle school into the high school. One student shared that he felt the middle school did a great job helping them to progressively prepare for their transition to high school. They shared that the Senior Ambassador program has Senior students go into the Freshman homerooms to answer any questions they may have. They felt this program really helped to ease the transition as well. One student shared that as she transitioned into the high school, she was excited about the clubs and electives that were available. Shannon asked the graduates what they would say to incoming students who may feel threatened by the high level of academics for which Millburn Township NJ schools are recognized. One student said his advice would be not to compare yourself to anyone else. Another shared that there are different levels of classes offered. She said not to feel ashamed to ask to be switched to a lower level class if the classwork is too difficult for you. She said she found the teachers very willing to work with you if you approach them and ask them their opinion. One graduate shared that he liked studying in groups. That way, if you didn’t understand something, maybe someone else in the group would be able to help. He said other students always seemed willing to help and that the high school is a great community. ranks Millburn Township schools as having some of the best teachers. Shannon asked the recent graduates what their opinion was of the teachers. One shared that he felt the teachers really want the students to succeed, and that they want to prepare you for what lies ahead. Another shared that the teachers are very approachable.

Shannon asked the grads what they hear from friends who are a year or two older than them in regards to how they felt Millburn Township schools prepared them for college. One shared that a friend of his said that Millburn really prepared her well. He said he has heard that from several other graduates as well. The others all shared similar stories.

In conclusion, they shared some of their favorite places to go in Millburn NJ. Among them were the Coffee Mill and the Millburn Deli. They also recommend the Turtle Back Zoo as a great place to see if you are visiting Millburn NJ for the day.

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