Great Ways to Organize Your Yard Tools

yard tools

Looking for the right tool to do your garden work can be as easy as 1-2-3 if you follow some of these great ways to organize your yard tools as recommended by Visit the website to see the entire article as well as photos of these great ways to organize your yard tools.

  1. Put Your Hose in a Bucket:  Use a galvanized bucket to nicely wrap up your garden hose.  Be sure to put holes in the bottom so the bucket doesn’t collect water and attract mosquitos.
  2. Use a Pallet in an Awkward Garage Space:  Attach a pallet between the wall and garage door frame.  Shovels and rakes will slide nicely into this space.
  3. Go Vertical with Shelves:  Hanging vertical shelves can leave space underneath to add a work table.
  4. Use S-Hooks on Easy-to-Install Bars:  Purchase some inexpensive storage bars and use s-hooks to hang small tools.
  5. Hang an Old Boxspring:  Hanging a boxspring outside can give you lots of space to hang small tools.  Make sure you spray the springs with Rustoleum paint or hang under an overhang to avoid rusting.
  6. Convert an Unused Filing Cabinet:  Turn a filing cabinet on its side and attach caster wheels.  Add a pegboard to each end for extra storage of small items.
  7. Customize Your Own Tool Box:  Use old parts, such as closet rods, door, and pegboards to create your own custom tool box.
  8. Turn an Eyesore into Storage:  Take the back off a yard sale armoire find and hang it outside to hide utility meters, hoses, etc.
  9. Don’t Forget the Kiddos:  Turn planters into storage bins.  Make sure to hang them low enough that the kids can reach them and only use them for plastic toys to avoid rusting.
  10. Build Fold-Out Storage in a Tight Corner:  A corner storage cupboard can fit nicely next to a patio door.  This type of cabinet keeps tools nicely protected from the elements and the fold-out element makes things easy to find.
  11. Dream Big with a Shed:  A shed can be the ultimate solution.  Choosing one with a wide doorway allows you to easily store a wheelbarrow, ladder or mower.

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