Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

great swamp national wildlife refuge turtles

If nature is your thing, take a ride to the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Basking Ridge NJ. Located at 32 Pleasant Plains Road, the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is home to fabulous waterfowl, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Click here to visit their website. Kristin Krag, buying specialist on the Shannon Aronson team, comments that the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is  “A great and beautiful sanctuary, vital to the natural ecosystem that could have been an airport if the residents hadn’t fought it in the late 70′s.” Diane Bausch of the Shannon Aronson team says, “It’s a pretty drive to get there. There’s an educational center for kids. The educational center has many different rooms that were dedicated to the different areas of the refuge. Its very interesting, the rooms are interactive. There’s also a wild bird observations area.”

Established in 1960, The Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is 12 square miles. Many migrating waterfowl use the refuge as a place to rest and feed along their migration. Some of the waterfowl you can plan to see here are mallards, green-winged teal, and American black ducks.

Common species of mammals spotted at the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge include river otters, coyote, muskrats, raccoons and more. Approximately 39 species of mammals have been seen at the refuge. The population of bat species found on the refuge help to control the insect population. Types of bats found here include the eastern small footed bats and the federally endangered Indiana bat.

Some of the reptiles and amphibians you can plan to see at the refuge include the painted turtle, gray treefrog, and snapping turtle. Several federally and state threatened reptiles and amphibians find their home here. They include the bog turtle, wood turtle and blue spotted salamander.

There are several types of habitats maintained at the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. They include forested wetlands, grasslands, and brushlands.

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