Don’t Give it Away!

Don’t Give it Away!





Don’t Give it Away is Shannon Aronson’s new book designed to help sellers maximize their sales price, while minimizing the stress felt during the home selling process.  Check out TAPinto Millburn’s article this morning, featuring Shannon and her book.


If you are beginning to consider whether or not a move is right for you, give Shannon and her team a call to discuss.  As she explains in the article, the best time to reach out to her is when you first contemplate that move.

TAPinto Millburn:  What is a key to selling a home that most people don’t know?

Shannon Aronson:  One of my philosophies is that people should NOT wait until they are ready to list their home to call me.  In many cases the most important time to begin the conversation is MANY months before the time is right to list a home.  People often say to me, “I don’t want to waste your time and I’m really not ready yet.”  To that I say, “Please understand, the most important time to get consultation is BEFORE you are ready to list your home.” 

People need help preparing the home for the sale, determining the right time frame, determining where they will go when the house is sold.  I really want people to know they can reach out to me months and in some cases years before they are ready.  That is when I can add the most value to their planning.

For a complimentary copy of Shannon’s book, or to discuss the possibility of listing your home, please contact us and we will be happy to help!