Boost Your Curb Appeal with a Can of Paint

curb appeal

With the Spring Market in full swing, now is the time to think about your home’s curb appeal. Below you will find some great tips from HouseLogic regarding  ways to boost your curb appeal with a can of paint.  For images of the great ideas below, be sure to visit the HouseLogic website.

  1. Turn Your Front Door into a Work of Art-Create a focal point by creating a great design on your front door.  If you are neither artistic nor creative, you can buy stencils from various websites online.
  2. Give your Porch Swing a Pop of Color-Your front porch swing provides you with a fun, unexpected spot to add a burst of color to the entry area of your home.
  3. Create the Illusion of a Carpet on your Steps-To create this fun look, begin by power-washing your steps and sanding off any flaking paint.  Then, using concrete paint and painter’s tape to create stripes, create your very own front stairs “carpet”.  To have the cleanest lines, be sure to remove the tape while the paint is still wet.  In addition, “don’t let the tape sit too long in the sun or you’ll have gummy stripes left behind.”
  4. Paint Your Porch Light-Paint your light fixture with a metallic, copper paint to give your old light a new look.  Modern Masters is a “high-end brand that specializes in quality metallic paint.”
  5. Jazz up your House Number-Use fun accent colors and make sure to place your house numbers in an optimal spot where everyone can see them.  Other great ideas include painting  your mailbox, doorknobs, handles, and hand railings.
  6. Stencil your Concrete Front Porch-First paint your porch a solid color and then use stencils to paint a fun pattern.  A good idea is to use painter’s tape and a tape measure to keep your stencils properly aligned.
  7. Decorate your Shutters-”“A fresh coat of paint on faded shutters can be just the thing to brighten up the entire exterior of a house.”  In the right neighborhood, it can also be fun to paint whimsical designs on your shutters.
  8. Go Bold with Accent Colors-If your front door is mostly glass, a fun idea is to add a punch of color by painting the frame around the glass with a bold accent color.  The same thing can be done with your window frames.
  9. Paint your Garage Door-Staining the doors or painting them the same color as the trim on your house will offer you a warm greeting when you pull into your garage each day.

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