Midtown Direct New Jersey Towns List Price and Sale Price Comparison

Welcome back to my weekly blog detailing the ratio of listing to selling price for homes in our local area.  As always, the Shannon Aronson Team wants to be your go-to real estate team for all your real estate questions.

Below you will find a chart showing the average list-to-sell price ratio for the week of 2/14-2/21/13. The information is for the following towns: Short Hills, Summit, Chatham, Chatham Township, Madison, South Orange, Maplewood, Livingston, Berkley Heights, New Providence, West Orange, and Springfield.


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Shannon Aronson Speaks Out on Property Taxes in NJ

The Shannon Aronson Real Estate Team interviewed Evan Drachman an attorney at Dollinger Drachman, LLC located in Livingston, NJ. Realtor Shannon Aronson sat with Evan to discuss the pros and cons for filing a tax appeal in your town. Evan gave some really great pointers about what you should be looking for before filing a tax appeal.

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Madison NJ Real Estate Activity

Welcome back to my blog!  Today I want to show you what real estate activity trends have been going on in Madison, NJ. The Shannon Aronson Team wants to keep you in the know!

Below are three charts detailing recent real estate activity in Madison, NJ. The first chart shows you how many active listings were available in Madison from February, 2012-January, 2013. The second chart shows you how many listings went under contract, each month, during the same time period. Finally, the third chart shows you, by week for most recent 8 weeks, how many new listings came on the market in Madison, how many properties went under contract, how many had price reductions, and how many properties closed.


Listings Under Contract in Madison, NJ, February 2012-January, 2013

Real Estate Activity in Madison, NJ, 12/19-12-2/14/13



That’s all folks! If you still have questions regarding the market in Madison, NJ, or any other real estate questions, please feel free to contact me at Shannon@ShannonAronson.com or visit my website at NJRealEstateDirect.com.