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Meet the Team: Neil Steiger!

Meet the team: NEIL STEIGER! As part of our Meet the Team series, meet NEIL STEIGER! After enjoying a lengthy and successful corporate career, Neil now has more than fifteen years of experience in real estate. Having grown up in Brooklyn, Neil is a long term Millburn resident. As such, he has an intimate knowledge of the area and those of our surrounding towns, and can speak to the different neighborhoods and the changes to them through the years. Neil’s favourite part of being a … [Read More...]

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Spotlight on… Reeves-Reed Arboretum, Summit, NJ

Spotlight on... Reeves-Reed Arboretum, Summit, NJ     Shannon Aronson visited Reeves-Reed Arboretum, Summit, NJ for the latest in her Spotlight On... series.  Her video highlights some of the reasons she loves it! https://youtu.be/jXCFgewIjCE If you would like to learn more about Summit or the surrounding towns, or set … [Read More...]

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Shannon Aronson Book Launch

Shannon Aronson Book Launch...   Shannon Aronson's Book Launch party was a huge success this Tuesday evening!  Moonshine Supper Club was crowded as Shannon's clients and supporters came to celebrate the debut of her book, Don't Give It Away!  Shannon has piqued the interest of home owners by getting to the heart of the issues that … [Read More...]


Shannon Aronson Book Launch

  Shannon Aronson Book Launch!   Shannon Aronson’s Book Launch Party for Don’t Give It Away is fast approaching! When?  Tuesday 28th November,  7.30 – 9.30pm Where?  Moosnhine Supper Club in Millburn, New Jersey.   Don’t Give It Away will enable you to maximize the sales price of your home by discovering the emotional mistakes […]


Home Fit Scorecard by Shannon

HOME FIT SCORECARD by Shannon     The Home Fit Scorecard by Shannon Aronson is the perfect tool to help you determine how well your current home suits your needs, and also to discover how your needs and wants both align and differ from those of your significant other. Whether or not you are in […]


Spotlight on… Vita Organic Foods, Summit, NJ

Spotlight on… Vita Organic Foods, Summit, NJ!   Today Shannon stopped by Vita Organic Foods, Summit, NJ for the latest in her ‘Spotlight on…’ series of videos.  Find out why Shannon loves both Vita Organic Foods, and Vita Athletics!     Vita Organic Foods and Vita Athletics are situated in the heart of Summit, New Jersey’s […]


Meet the Team!

Meet the team… Rio Slaven!   In the third of our Meet the Team series, get to know RIO SLAVEN! When Rio and Shannon got together earlier this year, they discovered that they shared a mutual belief that no dream is too big and that there is no better feeling than knowing you are helping […]